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ACS MotionControl has introduced the MC4U system to enable users to select subsystems of the controllers which match their requirements exactly, while still maintaining the benefits associated with using their integrated units.

The MC4U (Machine Control for You) modular system is designed to provide a full solution for applications that require high performance, multi-axis machine and motion control. The MC4U includes up to 8 digital universal drives and as a CAN open network master, it can control up to an additional 64 distributed axes and I/O nodes. The MC4U free software support package includes a rich set of powerful tools with full simulation capabilities for easy setup, tuning, application program development, debugging and diagnostics.

The Demand - Higher Throughput & Accuracy at a Better Price

The machine automation world is highly diversified in its needs: user requirements differ significantly, allowing very little product standardisation. The market demand is for an integrated solution of machine control that can be easily tailored to a specific application, achieving higher throughput and accuracy at a better price.

The MC4U high performance control system integrates a selection from a wide set of available components multi-axis controllers with networking capabilities, universal drives and power supplies; providing complete control of all machine automation functions (motion, logic, power and data), resulting in shorter development cycle time, reduced risk and lower costs.
Configured from a range of:

  • Multifunctional Controllers
  • Universal Motor Drives
  • Power Supplies
  • Compact Enclosure
  • Powerful Software Package

The Market

High Performance Production, Test and Inspection Systems Developed for production, test and inspection equipment, such as flat panel displays, semiconductors, electronic assembly, general sub-micron automation and medical applications, the MC4U is the first cost-effective and flexible tailor-made solution that addresses all motion and machine control needs of demanding machinery.

All in one solution:

  • All in one inbuilt program control or interface with host computer
    • High level ACS Programming Language or ladder programming
    • No software purchasing nor ongoing support costs
  • High precision
  • Axes synchronisation
  • Motion and PLC
  • High dynamics
  • Complex kinematics

Customer Benefits More Features for Less Money The MC4U cost-effective approach takes into account the total cost of ownership:

  • Lower cost through integration The high level of integration eliminates many common components.
  • Reduced price You pay for and get exactly what you need, without spending money on unneeded premiums.
  • Reduced maintenance time and costs Failures are identified at the component level. No need to replace the complete system. All components are plug-in types and can easily be replaced without disconnecting motors and I/Os. The system can be reactivated within minutes.