Automated Handling and Packaging Pty. Ltd. (AHP)
est. 1989

AHP specialises in developing sophisticated, flexible automation systems, mostly for materials handling and packaging. 

We have the knowledge, the experience, and the ability to assist companies with implementing cost-efective automation for world-competitive manufacturing.

Who We Are:

Automated Handling & Packaging provides inovative solutions for your production handling and packaging requirements. With decades of experience within a broad range of industries, we have the confidence to take on applications that others decline. We provide part or whole line solutions.

IMG: Twin Telescopic Nose Bagger for flat breads, cards ... 

 Our Technology:

We use industry leading 3D digital design tools for creating and managing 3D digital prototypes, allowing us flexibilty and efficiency in our design and development process. Many of our solutions incorporate ACS multiaxis servo control systems to provide maximum flexibility, consistency and reliability.