muesli/Snack bar Collator/Grouper

IMG:Product Collation into cartoner machine chambers

IMG: Product Collator: Snack/museli Bars
IMG:Product Collation into cartoner machine chambers
Customer Requirement:
  • Construct an automatic collation system for collating a variety of snack bar sizes into groups of either 6, 8 or 12 and automatically load into the infeed pockets of a third party horizontal cartoner.  Operating speed to be 160+ bars/min.

AHP Solution:

Design a three-axis servo controlled grouping machine with transverse indexing system, which counts and loads products into a double chamber system for timed dispensing into the cartoner infeed pockets.  Flow of product continues during cartoner breaks in operation, via an automatic bypass system for subsequent manual loading.  System has been tested running at up to 190 items per minute.


This product grouping machine has been installed in Victoria, Australia.

Extending/Retracting Nose Conveyor for collation/Grouping

IMG: Telescoping or extending/retracting Conveyor

Customer Requirement:

  • Counter/stacker to collate pairs of thin, flat bread and arrange in stacks of 8 for bagging in retail pack.

  • Operate at 65+ pairs per minute.

AHP solution:

Design and construct a 3 axis servo controlled take off grouping machine incorporating a telescopic or extending/retracting nose conveyor, with a stacking platform beneath to hold collation until ready for release onto packing line. By means of the digital axis used in the machine , an additional benefit has been to enable the cut lengths of the product to be measured and rejected if over or under sized.

To date 5 of these systems have been supplied to the one client in Victoria, Australia.

This system is adaptable to a number of other tasks, such as collation or grouping of cartons in various formats, placing dough products onto baking trays, transferring product onto production lines at right angles, etc. 

A further development in the processing line, has been to add another AHP designed bag loading machine, to load these collated flat breads into pre-made bags.

Contact us to discuss possible applications, or for a solution to your automation requirement. 

fast collator

IMG: Cup Product
IMG: High Speed Collator

IMG: Robot Palletiser

Customer Requirements:

  • High speed collator required to arrange single portion plastic cups into matrix pattern 16 x 6 from single file at 300 cups per minute, preparatory for robot pick up into retorting system.

AHP solution:

Design and construct 3 axis servo driven collation table incorporating an angled section to provide a break between rims on edge row to prevent interference between rows cups being picked up and those waiting for the next pickup. Four of these systems have been manufactured, and all are installed in California.

A development of the system resulted in a much larger table being constructed for multiple robot pick up, and this was installed in Greece. A further development also installed in Greece, was to make a system to run in reverse and operate as a decollator, so that after retorting, the unloading robot could place collated product on the system to feed product single file into a subsequent packing operation.

Collator with star wheel system
IMG: Hang Cell Product
IMG: Product without hang-cell collated
IMG: Starwheel and Infeed

IMG: Turret and front of Elevator

Customer requirement:

  • New system to replace older, much slower equipment.
  • Take individual cartons of film which incorporate a hang cell, and arrange them nested and back to back into packs of 8, 10 and 12 at 240 cartons per minute on a dedicated machine for that pack size.
  • Machine to arrange multi pack cartons with hang cells, containing from 2 to 4 rolls of film. These were to be nested in groups of 8, 10, and 12 back to back with the carton last in the collation to be rotated to conceal and protect the hang card.

AHP Solution:

Two 9 axis machines of near same design were designed and manufactured, and coupled to a purchased shrink wrap system, modified suitably to be able to handle the loose collations without disturbance until secured by the shrink film.