Parts Conveyor

IMG: Punnet Carton Closure Sequence

Punnet Sealer Exterior View

Customer Requirement:
  • Design a conveyor to remove die cast parts from forming machine and convey parts separately from the plug into mid level storage bins.  Access to the die cast machine was an important consideration as well as access for maintenance and die changes.

AHP solution:

Design a wheel out, low level, inclined belt conveyor with lugs having central divider to maintain separation between parts and plugs.  One side of the exit system had to reach over the storage bin of the first, which resulted in the dual length discharge belts as shown in the photograph.  A hinged checker plate cover was placed over the bottom section so that operators could safely stand on the unit while attending to issues on the diecasting machine, without having to first wheel out the conveyor for access.

Bar Product Conveyor

IMG: Bar Product Conveyor CAD Drawing
IMG: Wrapped Bar Conveyor for packing
IMG: Conveyor for Bar products

Customer Requirement:
  • Design and supply a suitable conveyor system to take wrapped bars from two horizontal flow wrappers and optionally merge or keep separate, the output from these lines. Separate discharge points were required for each line, or else the combined output was to be fed on to an inclined conveyor and then on to an AHP supplied vertical cartoner.  

  • Suitable section to allow products from a third line to be fed into the system.

AHP Solution:

System of robust, stainless steel constructed, plastic slat conveyors was designed and merged into an AHP designed inclined belt conveyor for hand loading into the vertical cartoner.

General Inclined and horizontal belt conveyors

Pallet Station

AHP has various designs of general purpose belt conveyors, inclined as well as horizontal. The conveyors shown here are transporting filled bags from an AHP supplied vertical form fill and seal machine to a manual packing station.