Tooling for Robotic systems
IMG: Die Loader in operation
IMG: Die Unloader
AHP Designed and manufactured die-unloader for the foundry industry. This system was designed to operate under environmentally harsh conditions, where it was required to pick-up moulded parts and operate in tandem with the client's die-moulding machine.

After more than 7 years of continous operation, this system has recently been expanded to integrate with a new die-moulding machine that the client has installed.

multipurpose tool for bobbins, cartons, and sheet materials
IMG: Tool closeup

IMG: Robot Arm Tool in operation
This tool has three separate systems mounted on different faces; two are expandable probes for picking up reels or bobbins with an open central core, whilst a third is a vacuum pad for picking up corrugated cartons as well as slip sheets.  This particular head was used for picking up reels with different core diameters as well as cartons and slip sheets. The product weights ranged from 18 to 20 kg each.

suction head for picking up 4 standup pouches from a magazine
IMG: Robot tool - Suction Head
IMG: Robot Tool - Suction Head
The head was fitted to a small robot and used to remove pouches from a magazine and then place them into the feeding system of a pouch filling and sealing machine.