muesli/Snack bar collator/Grouper
IMG:Bar Product

IMG: Product in Carton
IMG: Product Collator
IMG:Product Transfer system
Customer Requirement:
  • Construct an automatic collation system for collating a variety of snack bar sizes into groups of either 6, 8 or 12 and automatically load into the infeed pockets of a third party horizontal cartoner.  Operating speed to be 160+ bars/min.

AHP Solution:

Design a three-axis servo controlled grouping machine with transverse indexing system, which counts and loads products into a double chamber system for timed dispensing into the infeed buckets of a horizontal cartoner.  Flow of product continues during cartoner interruptions, via an automatic bypass system for subsequent manual loading.  System has been tested running at up to 190 items per minute.


This collating and automatic loading machine  for bar products has been installed in Victoria, Australia.