Solutions by industry
Since 1990, AHP has provided solutions to a large and diverse range of industries, often with very specific requirements.

Primarily we operate in the food sector, but that does not confine us to that area only! AHP has produced machinery solutions for companies in the tooling, fabrication, and automotive industires too.

Our solutions have been used to inspect, collate, sort, transfer and package, products according to customer requirements the world over (Botswana, USA, Greece, Australia, China... to name a few countries only).

In short, we have indepth knowledge and proven experience to provide a solution for your industry's requirements.

The following pages show  a selection of this achievement:
Lebanese Flat/Pita Bread in a bagWheel Weights Tipping and Weighing MachineMuesli Bar collated or collator
Hang Cells (Camera Films) nested and collatedArchitectural Disc DeburredBiscuits collated and grouped
Fruit Cups Filled and collatedSecondary Packaged collated productLead Weights Pick and Place Robot from Die Casting Machine