versatile servo controlled Tool Mount for Depositors and cup fillers
40Kg Tracker
40Kg Tool Mount in operation

100kg Tracker Unit for depositor or cup fillers
100kg Tracking Unit

Tracker Feature for cup filling and depositors
Built-in Feature for Ease of Service

Customer Requirement:

  • Tool mount systems with standard mounting face to carry loads of 40kg, and 100kg. The systems were to incorporate vertical movement, with electronic tracking of product horizontally. These were to be used for mounting of liquid and solid multihead depositors (fillers), which was to be used to fill cups at a rate of 300 a minute.

AHP solution:

Design and manufacture two styles of servo driven tracking tool mount systems, to enable depositors to be mounted. Servo control allowed for precise control  of depositor head during cup filling process. 

Approximately 20 of the 40kg model have been manufactured, which are all installed in California and Greece.

A further 6 of the 100kg model have been constructed which have been installed in Central and South America’s, Thailand and Botswana.

The driveline mechanisms of these units are being utilised in other equipment because of their robustness and reliability.