Weighing and Bagging System

IMG: Product Wheel balancing weights

IMG: Wheel Balancing Weights Weighing and Bagging System
IMG: Bin Tipper

Customer requirement:

  • Automatic system for emptying bins of car wheel balancing weights, removing contraries, weighing into quantities of 100 or 50 (with an accuracy of 1product), and bagging and labelling.
  • A pack off system to transfer the sealed bags for manual packing.
  • Run products with a large variation in size and weight, ranging from 10gm to 70gm.
  • Create product bags ranging from 500gm, to 6kg.

AHP solution:

A bin tipping system was designed to meter out balancing weights into a belt transport system, and through a series of magnetic and gravitational cleaning systems, before being weighed for count. The measured quantity of product is transported along an elevator and into a third party vertical form fill seal machine. The film used is printed on line with batch and date information, together with pack ID number and barcode. 

This system is installed in Victoria, Australia.

Toolings for Robotic systems
IMG: Automated Die unLoader in operation
IMG: Automated Die Unloader robotic arm
AHP designed and manufactured die-unloader for the foundry industry. This system was designed to operate in fairly environmentally harsh conditions, where it was required to pick-up moulded parts and operate in tandem with the client's die-moulding machine.

After more than 7 years of continous operation, this system has recently been expanded to integrate with a new die-moulding machine the client has installed.

Deburring Machine
IMG: Disc with and without pip
Automated Deburr, Deburrer, and Pip Remover

IMG: top view with bowl feeder and automated deburrer/depipper Image

Customer Requirement:

  • Automatic machine to orient and deburr architectural anti slip discs widely utilised on many surfaces around Australia.

AHP solution:

Product was oriented and fed single file from a third party vibratory bowl feeder, and down a slider. at the bottom of the slide, individual buttons are presented one at a time to the rotating deburrer head.

The system is installed in Victoria, Australia.

Also constructed for this client was a semi-automatic spot welding system which positions and welds a stem to the buttons after deburring and washing. The stem locates the buttons into the mounting substrate.